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Search engine optimisation

What a website is positioned correctly in a browser basically it depends on 4 factors:

  • The contents and their relevance.
  • The interest that is generated by such content.
  • The reputation that the page has been gained from the two previous factors.
  • The reputation of the pages that are linking to or are interested in your content.

Content, content and content!

We have to  concentrate on the content and navigation of web pages naturally, as if we were writting contents  to be read and consumed by people :), this is the trend because it can not be any other. An example: I write a text in which I talk about SEO, I take care of it, I re-read it, I try to be consistent with my convictions and not to have misspellings , also I put an external link to the Google's SEO manual (I think it is very interesting and a good start point ) and once finished, I look for a relevant and short title and I customize its meta tags and description.


I don't care about anything else because my website already cares for me:

  • URLs human readable and memorable without variables and strange symbols.
  • Separation of words with hyphens in the URLs: Google standard.
  • Default language without adds to the URL. My default language is Catalan, and as you can see (if you browse in Catalan), there is no "/ca/" in the URL.
  • Meta title, description and keywords on the home page only, not repeated.
  • Consistent use of H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags.
  • Well structured navigation menus and links with a NOSCRIPT tag for drop-down menus.
  • TITLE and ALT tags inserted in images that are used in navigation: accessibility for people who use screen readers.

In addition, the SEO module that I created also allows me to:

  • Have shorter URLs.
  • Customize the meta tags title, description and keywords for each section and product.
  • Have a general XML sitemap that is automatically generated for each language.
  • Having an specific XML sitemap for each blog.
  • 404-page not found with a link to the XML sitemap.
  • Customize the file name of each image depending on the language.

* Shortcuts eventually lead problems: the actions that in year N were making to grow up positions to your site in an artificial, unnatural or fraudulent manner: in the sense of wanting to trick the ranking algorithms, now are considered spam; so if you have spam in your website, your website is spam and therefore you're spam!